Clark County, Missouri Assessor

The Assessor is charged with many administrative and statutory duties; however, the primary duty and responsibility is to appraise and assess all real and personal property within their jurisdiction. This would include residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural classes of property. Real property is revalued every odd numbered year, personal property is revalued every year. The effective date of the assessment is January 1 of the current year. The Assessor determines a full or partial value of new construction, or improvements depending upon the state of completion as of January 1.

Our office is required to review every parcel every two years. The following steps are how we review.

  1. Knock on the door and let the owner know who we are and why we are there.
  2. Ask about the inside of the house. Does it have a finished basement and how many bathrooms does it have?
  3. We will never ask to come inside your house.
  4. We will take pictures of any structures on your property.
  5. We will use a tape measure to ensure all data is correct.

Personal Property Assessment

Every person living in Clark County is required to report what personal property they own on January 1. This is why we send out assessment sheets and they are due back by March 1st. If you sell or trade a vehicle January 2 you are still taxed for the whole year. Missouri does not prorate personal property. If you purchase a vehicle January 2nd you are not taxed until the following year. Personal property are vehicles, farm machinery, livestock, boats, jet skis, ATVs, UTVs, campers, motor homes, pull type trailers, airplanes, irrigation equipment, and heavy equipment such as dozers and backhoes.

Contact Us

John Campbell, Clark County Assessor

Lori Hamner, Deputy Assessor

Tasha Tallman, Personal Property Clerk

111 E. Court Street Suite 120
Kahoka, MO  63445-1268