Clark County has completed the final phases of the 911 Addressing Project.

Residents will be receiving a letter with your new physical address over the next several weeks. This is being done by specific Zip Code and will take several weeks to cycle through to everyone in the County. A final notice will be posted once residents in all zip codes have been sent this letter. Please contact the Clark County Clerk at 660-727-3283 if you have not received your letter by the end of May.

The US Postal Service has adopted the new addresses and processed them into their system, the new physical addresses are the mailing address for all residents and businesses in the county that currently receive mail at their physical address. Those with a post office box will continue to receive their mail at the post office as usual, however, they will have a  physical address to used for 911 Emergency Services and other delivery vendors or services to locate them.

This addressing change will enable Clark County Emergency Services to proceed to an incident more efficiently.

Thank you for your patience and assistance.